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Happy Friday!

This has been a crazy week. For some reason I have not been able to access LJ with any reliability so I know I am behind on my f-list and on replies. Sometimes I am able to read but not able to comment!

For whatever reason, I came down with a nasty sinus infection on Wednesday (my teeth even hurt from the pressure) as well as fever. Yesterday was spent recuperating. Today Im feeling a lot better but I still have some congestion.

As you may have seen in the news, Catherine Zeta Jones checked herself into a mental facility to help her deal with her bipolar disorder. Normally the concerns of celebrity do not interest me but this is a subject near to my heart and I've made my issues with the media attention this has garnered known on FB.

As i said there, I know I should not be annoyed or upset by the comments made on web articles due to the high troll volume but seriously, it does upset me to see how people treat or view those with a mental illness.

Bipolar is not a trendy disease. It has a spectrum of symptoms and severity. If there has been an increase in the number of diagnoses for the disorder, then perhaps the cause of this is severalfold - more information for doctors means that more people probably will be diagnosed. In addition, with more poeple seeking help, instead of suffering silence, ashamed, there will also be more people diagnosed.

Bipolar disorder cannot be cured by thinking happy thoughts or through sheer will power. Yes, it can be managed better with talk therapy, a good diet, and exercise but it cannot be cured and if fact, will actually worsen as a person gets older and does not get treatment for it.

Bipolar is not an imaginary disease. It exists. I have tracked my own moods and issues both on and off medications and I can speak from experience that I am a better, more focused, and less wildly irrational person on my medications. This is not a placebo effect or else I wouldnt have gone through so many different combinations to find the right one that works for me.

A I said on FB, this a complicated issue. Is there a measure of pressure from pharmaceuticals for doctors to "sell" these pills? Absolutely. But as with everything, we should be able to take personal responsibility for our health and not rely on a pill to solve our problems. Are there holes in this nice, neat answer? Again, absolutely. There are people cannot read, or who may not read English well and trying to find a reliable translator can be difficult, or companies do not want to pay for someone who can do this with accuracy. There are people who are not in any position to care for themselves, whether due to physical, mental, and/or financial limitations.

But my main point is that mental illness should not be mocked or side-swept. Mental illnesses are real and it saddens me that so many people refuse to acknowledge the suffering of other people.
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