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OK, Elf Trap has been sent out of the door!  Now if I can get Murderous Apparitions out by the end of August/beginning of September, I'll be on a roll.  Still waiting for word on Need though :/

Also, good to note, I found someone to assist me with the TV production details for the novel finally. In fact, I need to email him this week.
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First, news: I submitted a story to a magazine. Now the hard part is waiting. I happened to be writing with a friend Monday evening and he encouraged me to send it out and doublechecked my "cover letter" i.e. my email to the fiction editor. I kept it short and sweet so we shall see.

Second, last night was the monthly meeting of the critique group (we need a cool name). My story was up for review and I was quite nervous. I had some serious issues with this story because I took so long to write it and went sometimes for a week in between sessions. I felt that some of the voice and continuity was lost. My major concern was the fact that it didnt turn out to be the story I sat down to write. I guess it happens to all writers but I was concerned I had wound up with something too cliche or too boring, or nonsensical.

Happily, my fellow writers assured me that the structural elements were sound. I definitely agree with, and share, their concerns with it. Their feedback was invaluable. As soon as Im done editing Elf Trap (hopefully by Sunday) I can work on this and also - DUM DUM DUM - The Novel! My goal is to have a first draft completed by September considering I already have several chapters written and know, more or less, where I want to go with it.

I'll save the discussion on novel writing for a blog post at Literary Debauchery.


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